Computers, while supposed to make us more efficient, can sometimes be a source of frustration.  For over 20 years I have been servicing Corporate Clients and Homes in the Halton and Greater Toronto areas.  Networking, Security and Performance are just some of my areas of specialty.  I have never had a computer issue I couldn't resolve.  DSL and Cable High Speed troubleshooting can be frustrating, especially when you've called their tech support and they've told you to contact someone like myself.  I can get you back surfing in no time and determine if the problem is on your side or theirs.
Wireless networking is also a main stay;  I can ensure your new or existing network is secure from others. I do on-site diagnostics and in some instances the issues can be resolved right then and there.  In some instances it requires "the bench" where a more in-depth diagnosis and repair can be done.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions or pricing on having your system, either business or home, repaired, independently scanned, or "given new life".  For a quote on setting up a new wireless network, or ensuring your existing network is secure from anyone logging on, give me a call.